Mold Inspection

Schillerstrom Home Inspection does not inspect for mold but will report it if possible indications of mold are discovered in the process of the home inspection. If you are concerned about allergies or if suspected mold is reported and you wish to have further testing conducted at the time of inspection, Schillerstrom Home Inspection can do the testing.

Can Mold Cause Health Problems?

Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Allergic responses include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis). Allergic reactions to mold are common. They can be immediate or delayed. Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mold. In addition, mold exposure can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of both mold-allergic and non-allergic people. Symptoms other than the allergic and irritant types are not commonly reported as a result of inhaling mold. Research on mold and health effects is ongoing. For more detailed information consult a health professional. You may also wish to consult your state or local health department. (Source EPA Document # 402-K-02-003)

The cost for the air/surface sampling is $250 for 4 samples (which is usual) and $30 for each additional sample. Results are typically analyzed within 48 hours.

Schillerstrom Home Inspection provides a limited inspection warranty, in case mold shows up within 90 days after the inspection. You can read in greater detail what the coverage entails on the Warranties page.